Following the latest statement from the PM with the positive news that the government will now start to remove the restrictions imposed on the wedding sector and others, we are now in a position to update you with our plans going forward.

Our plans to reopen will run parallel with the government’s four-step plan for the country, these are:

Guidance for private parties, social gatherings, and events at schools including universities, Colleges, and secondary schools have their own guidance. If you are unsure if you should proceed with your event. We recommend contacting your local council for up to date guidance.

Our Policy

• Carefully monitoring the Government and Public Health England’s (PHE) risk level assessment and implementing all new changes required, as quickly as possible.

• Continuous re-enforcement of the Government and PHE precautions to our staff, including regular hand washing and supplying optional hand sanitiser.

Along with taking official advice, we are also putting additional measures in place to help fight the spread of the virus. Each member of our staff will have:

  • Access to bottles of disinfectant spray and hand-sanitiser.

  • Face masks and visors available to all staff members, and must be worn unless eating, drinking outside or are exempt.

  • Cleaning equipment available at every event, to clean props/signs after use and to sanitise the photo booth and area.

If you have booked a photo album with us, we may have to add photos after the event in order to reduce contact of surfaces for your guests.

We continue to monitor Government and PHE guidelines closely and stand ready to make any necessary changes.

We are currently running a limited prop table. it is not appropriate for all props to be used during bookings.

We have taken out most props from our prop tables and left only the signboards. Items that would be put near the face (such as lips on sticks, moustaches on sticks, hats, glasses) or items that could increase contact (such as masks) have all been temporarily removed.

We will only be using handheld items that we can clean before the next guest uses them.

All items will be cleaned after every use, so please expect a small delay between each photo booth session.

Please note:

Our interpretation of the guidelines could be very different from yourself, a guest, and even a member of her majesty’s police force. We will always do our best to protect guests and everyone entering our photo booth area.

However, we fully support everyone’s human rights, right to privacy and freedom to live your life free and as you see fit within the boundaries of the law. We at Fresh Booths will never question or judge anyone who doesn’t wear a mask, sanitise, socially distance or conform to government guidelines with regards to the coronavirus act.

We will always assume that a person has a legitimate reason to be doing what they are doing. It’s not our place to police, challenge, or make a judgment of anyone. And that includes your guests and our valued clients.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Do you agree or disagree with our Covid policy? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

If you need to contact us:


Thank you,

Fresh Booths