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What is a Bespoke Gif Booth?


Gif booth, also known as a boomerang booth or animated gif booth, is the latest photo booth trend for 2018. Like a classic photo booth, Gif booths take still photos in addition to traditional style Gifs and burst Gifs (think Instagram Boomerangs). What is a classic GIF? Classic Gifs are created by stitching multiple images together and looping the photos. What is a burst GIF? Burst Gifs capture up to 16 photos in quick succession to create a smooth, forward and reverse animation which is then either slowed down, kept at the same speed or sped up. Finally, a custom overlay is automatically applied, and guests can choose a filter. Most noteworthy is the ability to share the content by text, email and social media. Pretty simple eh?

Guests can instantly share content with an Instagram or Facebook ready file via email. The features of a bespoke gif booth hire do not stop here! Classic postcard and strip style photos, printed and shared instantly and everything can be customised to suit your event type or needs:

What makes bespoke Gif booth hire unique is how quickly content is created and shared. feature-rich software and beautiful modelling lighting which creates a fun and engaging guest experience.


The Boomerang booth has a sleek, contemporary design. As a result, the booth will look great in any event space and can be incorporated easily into any floor plan. It is an open air photo booth that will draw people into the fun, which in turn creates memorable moments and engaging experiences. The booths easy to use touchscreen makes the experience seamless for your guests. Every detail has been considered to make this the best designed animated GIF photo booth. Weddings, birthdays, corporate and marketing events would all benefit from a bespoke Gif booth.


A Gif Booth is perfect for weddings due to the many features. These features include options for still photos, animated gifs, instant printing and texting to guests phones. Additionally, you can have a logo on the images with an overlay, or any reputable photo booth company can design custom templates to match your theme, colour scheme or even your wedding invite design. Most Gif booths come with social sharing as standard, The fun is endless, and for a wedding,  a Gif booth is always a winner! 

Corporate Events

Photo Gif booths are perfect for many types of corporate event. Especially awards ceremonies, company parties, conferences, expos and much more. Custom artwork is designed in-house with your brand’s logo or event theme. Alternatively, choose from one of our many stock templates and alter the text to suit your event. Sharing can be tracked using analytics, and our gif booths can collect data per current compliant policies. Microsites can are designed to match your brand and be a hub for all event images. In my opinion, this type of booth is most at home in a corporate environment.


Prints: produce high quality, super fast instant prints. Many sizes are available including strips, postcard, square and XL prints. 

Entice guests to participate in the fun with an open booth! Its a focal point of fun and guests can view the enjoyment of the entire event space. Unlike traditionally enclosed photo booths, an open booth can accommodate many guests without the risk of damaging equipment and cut off people on the edge of the photo. Gif booths are incredibly versatile. In small event spaces, a standalone kiosk will entertain endlessly and for larger spaces backdrops and red carpets can be added for a more significant experience.

Digital Props & Filters

Digitial props are extremely hot right now! And is a feature unique to a Gif booth. Guests choose a digital prop on the interactive touchscreen, and it will automatically apply it to every guest in the photo. Gifs and Burst Gifs. We have many stock digital props and can also create and design custom props ale carte. Digital props are a perfect addition to themed events, parties, weddings and corporate events.

Gif Booths have many filters to choose from including beautify, beautify plus, b&w, retro, vintage, invert, sepia and many more. Add a filter at the end of your photo booth session to apply then print and share your creation.


Lighting is key to a great photo! Gif booths use a modelling ring light to make your guests skin glow. It’s easily adjustable depending on the natural light available. Colour temperature is also adjustable depending on the effect wanted. Furthermore, add filters to improve the photos even more.

The End Result

Looking to create unique content for your upcoming event? Then a Gif booth is the perfect addition. The only limit is your imagination. From green screen, custom digital props to confetti, you are sure to wow your guests or clients and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Are you planning an event for 2018? Our unique boomerang booth is available to hire for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, retail experiences, brand activations and much more. Get in touch for a bespoke quote or take a look at our packages here.


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